EDFM – Electronic Devices For Musicians.

  EDFM started out building a simple effects controller pedal for my personal use on my pedalboard. The first build was very crude and awkward to use. I kept redesigning and adding to it. Next thing you know I’m out of control. I am designing and making my own professional grade circuit boards, “There’s nothing like the smell of ferric chloride in the morning”. Sanding, cleaning, outgassing and powder coating metal enclosure to ensure the best chip resistant and paint durability. Screen printing all graphics directly on the powder coated enclosure for longevity. Using top of the line components to make sure reliability and sound quality. I was finally satisfied with my product and so where friends.

Everyone kept pushing me to market my pedals for the public, so after two years of designing, prototyping, lawyers, research, dealing with venders, patients, trademark, and sleepless nights EDFM LLC – Electronic Devices For Musicians Limited Liability Company was born.

All EDFM pedals are housed in a heavy-duty metal enclosure to withstand the heavy rigors of gigging from menu to menu by musicians then milled to spec for installation of all electronics and hardware. All enclosures are sanded, cleaned, outgassed then cleaned again before being powder coated for an extremely durable finish. The last touch is screen printed lettering and graphics for long-lasting durability. The electronics are designed and extensively tested using the best components for that particular unit.

EDFM’s goal is to build pedals of quality, reliability, durability and affordability. EDFM aims to create devices that are pedalboard friendly in size and functionality.

We also want your feedback, not just on our products but what you would like to see made or changed in the effects marketplace.