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 Measuring only 3.66 inches by 1.52 inches the EDFM Tremolo is an extremely compact effect pedal that needs only a very small space on your pedalboard . This unit is extremely quiet. When the connected instrument is not being played you hear no sound of the tremolo effect in the background leaving just a pure tremolo effect once the instrument is played. With its slow and fast toggle switch you can achieve slow to hyper fast tremolo effect that can be fine tuned with the speed adjustment control to achieve the exact tremolo speed you want. The depth adjustment controls the intensity of tremolo affect that is inserted into your dry sound. You can go from just a hint of tremolo to a deep booming tremolo effect. There is also a volume control so your tremolo sound doesn’t get lost in the mix because of the on/off effect that a tremolo produces. The super bright blue LED flashes at the speed setting you dial in for a quick visual of your settings. EDFM Tremolo is also the only pedal of its size that can operate with replaceable batteries giving you hours of un-wired power playing.

EDFM Tremolo features:

⋅ Speed, Depth, Volume Adjustment Controls

⋅ Slow/Fast toggle switch for slow speed rates or fast hyper speed rate parameters. Both modes work in conjunction with the  speed control knob for fine tuning the exact speed rate.

⋅ Bright LED flashes at the speed rate giving a visual of the speed rate setting and turns off when in true bypass mode.

⋅ True bypass on/off heavy duty foot switch.

⋅ Operates off of 9V DC negative tip 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel style power supply (not included) or 3 CR2032 coin button cell batteries.

⋅ Extreme Small footprint. The EDFM Tremolo measures in at 3.66″ L x 1.52″ W x 1.25″ H.



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