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EDFM’s 5 Watt Decade Box is the answer for designers and technicians who need a resistance substitution box that can handle higher wattage circuits. Perfect for design and repairs of Instrument Amplifiers, PA systems, Power supply’s and more. The Single Component Receptacles section is perfect for quickly adding various components into the circuit without having to disconnect and reconnect hook-up leads. Four variant size receptacle’s can handle most two lead components such as diodes, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, inductors, LED’s and more. Color coded receptacles sections match the Binding Post colors for polarized components.

* 7 Heavy Duty Rotary Decade Switches rated at 8A/250V
* 1 ohms – 9.999999 M ohms
* 5 Watt 5% Metal Oxide Resistors
* 1 ohms Internal Resistance
* Red & Black Binding Post – Screw down with open top for 4mm banana plugs or wire wrap.
* Green Ground Binding Post for grounding enclosure to earth or chassis grounds.
* 3 position Slide Switch for switching between decade resistor rotary switches and the single component receptacles. Center position (OFF) for added safety disables all connections to red and black binding post and single component receptacles.
* Single component plug-in receptacles. 4 different size receptacles (lead sizes .015″ – .064″) allows inserting components without having to constantly unclip your leads from the circuit.
* Heavy Duty Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure. Dimensions: 8.25″ x 4 .8125″ x 2.375″
* Powder Coated Exterior.
* Water proof vinyl graphics
NOTE: The single component receptacles are used for any two lead components such as resistors, electrolytic capacitors, diodes, inductors, LED’s and more.

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Weight 43.2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in


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