A-B/Y Switcher

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EDFM’s A-B/Y Switcher pedal
This switcher pedal is the perfect solution for controlling your live signal between two amplifiers or other sources. Its compact size fits easily on any pedal board and operates on either two CR-2032 cell batteries or a standard 5.5mm OD x 2.1mm ID center tip negative 9V DC power supply (not Included).

Two heavy-duty footswitchs allows switching between two amplifiers or output sources with separate A and B channel LEDs to show which channel output is active (A-Blue LED / B-Yellow LED). The second footswitch allows both channel outputs to be used at the same time and has its own indicator LED (green). The beauty of this pedal is when you are in the A+B mode (both channels) the individual channel LEDs will stay lit so you know what channel out will be active when you disable the dual A+B channels. You can also switch the individual channels while you are in Dual channel mode.

A ground lift switch on the front aids in removing ground loops between two amps which can produce extreme hum and noise.

Power is not needed for unit to work as a AB/Y Switch. Power is only needed for the LEDs to work.

*One 1/4″ input jack
*Two 1/4″ output jacks labeled A or B
*Three indicator LEDs: Blue channel A, Yellow channel B, Green both channels.
*Two heavy-duty latching footswitches
*Ground Lift slide switch
*CR-2032 Dual battery holder (internal)
*9V negative tip center DC jack
*Heavy duty metal die-cast enclosure powder coated white with inked graphics
*Small footprint 3.66″ L x 1.52″ W x 1.25″ H


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