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The Interruptus Signal Kill combines two EDFM pedals into one small compact size pedal. Combining the Signal Kill and the Signal Interruptus into one pedal gives customer the option to have the best of both worlds in a single unit. Measuring only 3.66 inches by 1.52 inches this pedal takes hardly any pedalboard space. Just like the Signal Kill and the Signal Interruptus this pedal uses either 9v power supply or two CR2032 cell button batteries. Two bi-colored LED indicators give a quick visual of both footswitch’s status. Green for signal present and Red for signal muted.

The Interruptus side uses a heavy duty momentary foot switch to interrupt the signal path. As long as the foot switch is depressed the signal is muted until you release the foot switch.

The Kill side uses a heavy duty latching foot switch to kill or mute the signal path. Pressing the foot switch will mute and unmute the signal.

* Just like the Signal Kill and the Signal Interruptus power is not needed for the pedal to operate as a signal controller. Power is only needed for the LED’s to operate.

Housed in a diecast aluminum enclosure with powder coated exterior ensures long lasting durability.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 5 in