Chain Gang Programmable Effects Controller Ver. 2

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The new Chain Gang Programmable Effects Controller has all of the features from the original design but now has an added Mode Select switch to allow switching between Auto Mode and the new Manual Mode feature. Auto Mode is exactly the same as the original CG. It has 8 auto-switching programmable banks with their own unique color LED that can be programmed at any time. No need to unplug or do a footswitch dance to program, just flip a switch and you’re done. The 8 banks are auto-switching meaning that when you select a bank any other bank that is on will be turned off automatically.

When the Mode Switch is pressed the unit goes into manual mode. Each banks footswitch has to be pressed to turn on and off that programmed bank. So now you can have all 8 banks on at the same time. It’s simple just step on the footswitch for the bank you want turned on, step on it again to turn it off.

At the top are 10 3mm alternating colored (yet to be determined) LEDs to indicate which effects are programmed on for that bank. These LED’s can be turned off by depressing a simple push button.

It also has a built in on/off switchable Buffer to compensate for tone loss due to long cable runs. You say you have effect pedals that just doesn’t sound as good with a buffer, no problem just slide the Buffer Select switch to the 6-10 setting and now any effect plugged into the 1-5 send and return jacks will be un-buffered leaving jacks 6-10 buffered.

The MUTE/TUNER footswitch does exactly that, mutes your input signal and routs it to your tuner eliminating your tuner from your live signal path and allow silent tuning.

The BYPASS switch of course bypasses all effects, but if needed you can still add the buffer.

The CHAIN GANG boasts 10 effects input jacks (send 10 ea. / return 10 ea.) for a minimum of 10 effects and is made of heavy duty die cast metal housing.

Unit operates on a standard +9volt DC 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm I.D. negative tip barrel style power supply (not included).

Small footprint for pedalboard placement (9 1/4 x 6 x 2 1/4).

IMORTANT: This product is made to order and takes about one week to build.

For a limited time, the choice of enclosure powder coating color is free.

Available colors include all pedals listed on this website plus more just ask us for different colors availability. 

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