FX LOOPER + N5 Effects Controller


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The FX LOOPER + N5 Effects Controller is the perfect way to control your effects on one centralize effects controller unit. Features 5 send and return jacks coordinated to 5 heavy duty footswitches for a minimum of 5 effects. Lit brightness adjust for LED’s.

It also has a built in on/off switchable Buffer to compensate for tone loss due to long cable runs. You have effect pedals that just doesn’t sound as good with a buffer, no problem just move the Buffer Select switch to the 3-5 setting and now any effect plugged into the 1-2 send and return jacks will be un-buffered leaving jacks 3-5 buffered.

The MUTE/TUNER footswitch does exactly that, mutes your output signal and routs it to your tuner eliminating your tuner from your live signal path and allow silent tuning.

The BYPASS switch of course bypasses all effects, but if needed you can still add the buffer.

Easy access 9volt battery compartment requires no tools for battery replacement.

Runs on both +9 volt DC battery and or +9v DC negative tip 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm I.D. Barrel style power supply (not included). You can have both battery and a power supply connected at the same time. It will automatically switch to either power source if one is disconnected. Power is not needed for unit to operate as a loop switcher, its just for the Buffer and LED’s.

Small footprint for pedalboard placement (10 x 3 3/4x 2″).

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Weight 29 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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