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  EDFM’s Transistor Tester is a budget friendly manual means to test transistors for their leakage and gain values. This unit was mainly design for germanium and other high leakage junction transistors but works with all junction transistors. This unit’s design prevents the need to set up breadboard circuit for testing and can test both NPN and PNP transistors with just a flick of a slide switch. There is no need to move jumper wires or reverse meter leads to perform test for leakage and gain modes.

NOTE: This unit requires basic math skills or a calculator to calculate the final transistor values.

* Perfect for effect pedal builders.

*Cast aluminum enclosure

*Water-proof graphics

*Small footprint 2⅛” W x 2” D x 1¾” H

*Gold plated transistor socket pins

*Power: +9 Volt DC, center tip negative, 500mA only (not included)

*Power LED Indicator

Download the User Manual for how to operate this unit.


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